Croydon Recorded Music Society

Sharing a passion for recorded music since 1945

About the Society

Croydon Recorded Music Society was established in 1945 as the Croydon Gramophone Society. Nowadays, we take for granted easy access to recorded music, through internet streaming, a myriad of radio stations and on portable music players. Gramophone societies developed when the opportunities to hear good quality recorded music were less abundant. However, the pleasures of listening to music in the company of other like-minded individuals, and connected with an informative talk, still remain relevant, and this is the core mission of the Croydon Recorded Music Society.

The programmes are given by our own members, by members of other music societies and by professional visiting speakers.

The Repertoire

The repertoire is grounded in classical music, but stretches frequently into jazz, music theatre and popular music of the early twentieth century. Classical music recording companies have had their well-publicised difficulties over recent years, but with orchestra own-labels and increasing numbers of companies providing niche interests and rediscovered repertoire, attendance at a recorded music society event is a great way to expand your musical horizons.


Details of our meetings, including timings, location and charges, can be found on the ‘Meetings’ page.


Membership of the Society, which brings with it a discount on the charge for each event, is available for £25 per annum. If you would like to join, email the Secretary for details.

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